So with every click of my camera

SANTORE Pat on August 24, 2017 at 1:46pm in Stony Brook, age 80. Pat is survived by his loving wife Marie of 57 years. They were married in Brooklyn, New York on July 24, 1960. “Despite all of these circumstances, we still are whole individuals and can live full and free lives,” he said. “What I really specifically try to do with my work is envision what a free world for black, queer, and trans people can look like. So with every click of my camera, I’m trying to capture this sort of emancipatory vision.”.

Canada Goose Sale San Antonio based artist Cruz Ortiz employs a broad range of media prints, paintings, sculptures, video, installation, and performance to talk about life, love, and the struggle for equality. Through his alter ego the Spaztek, a post punk, post Chicano holy fool who continually throws himself into quixotic quests for romance and self realization, Ortiz uses humor and heart to call for companionship and community. For his first in depth museum exhibition, Ortiz will present a selection of the Spaztek’s work, including a hybrid siege tower and performance platform on the CAMH front lawn, a tent city in the gallery, and launch a guerilla art campaign in Houston’s neighborhoods.. Canada Goose Sale

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