Dress up the Unattractive Vertical Blinds

When it comes to dress up the window, many of us are interested to hang drapes for giving the privacy. However the drapes itself can be paired with other parts in which one of them is vertical blinds. These are placed first before the curtain so it gives the room extra protections from such gaudy lights. That’s why here are some steps to dress up this lovely blind.

The first simply way to decorate the blind is by adding curtains. Hang this that reflects the room style on the rods above the blind itself. Make sure that the drapes you hang cover hardware as well. Vertical blinds with curtain ideas give you two options that is open the curtains for using the blinds or just close this for hiding. Or you may want to add some tiebacks for the curtain for giving more eye-catchy view.

The next way to adorn the blinds hung in the window is from molding. Place the lightweight molding at the top of the vertical blinds to frame this partition beautifully. Thanks for the various designs of molding that can be used from the simple up to the most ornate are available on market now. So it is sure that you will found the one matching to your room decoration. vertical blinds paired with moldings might be a focal point in your room.