Ideas of Exterior Wall Paint Texture

When you want to have a unique outdoor painting, try adding exterior wall paint texture will be a good idea ever, the lovely texture will give a nice character to the wall as well as create a traditional look upon the whole decoration. For today’s post, we can provide you several way about dressing up the plain wall with textured paints to make your house enviable.

When you like something simple, wall paint texture with sponging technique might give a traditional and eclectic effect, you can paint the wall surface with the base color then by utilize sponge roller make a structure in this section to do with this technique. Although this is simple but sponging add a great and distinctive result ever, this is quite similar to the rag rolling technique.

The next popular ideas come with sandstone option and along with its name, to create sandstone effect there seems to be special coat that has sandstone effects too. For making this project, you can paint the wall with the certain coat as Valspar signature tone sandstone with paint roller and paint it with W pattern, it gives a wonderful and awesome finish to your home exterior wall paint texture.