How to Make a DIY Pallet Wall?

When you want to remodel the room without breaking up the saving, you need to think about DIY pallet wall installation. Pallet slats which are typically from unused wood might vibe warm ambiance. It also gives the room a totally new look. If you are in needs to dress up certain side of wall with wood, then this article is mainly for you. Here we show you the simple steps to build an attractive wall pallet.

The very first thing you need to do to have decorative wall made from wood pallets is hunting the pallets. You can buy the pallets in some stores or if you have unused wooden deck. Then you can reuse this material too. Of course when reusing the wood, you need to disassemble and remove the nails. Then, measure about the area where the pallets are going to placed and counts for the number of the pallets.

Then, you can sand and wash them to remove any chemical residue in the surfaces. Having finished with that, continue by sticking thin plywood into the wall. You can start this project from the top wall. While for filling the wood DIY pallet wall, start from the centre to the out, staggering single piece of wooden pallets. You can stick the pallets with the help of screws.