Bathroom Wall Tile Ideas Handy Tips

If you are thinking about doing your own personal bathroom wall tiling project, there are some interesting bathroom wall tile ideas that you can consider or implement. Most home owners think that tiling their own wall is difficult, but it isn’t that difficult if you know what to do and what kind of outcome to expect.

Here are some handy bathroom shower wall tile ideas that you can consider for your personal project:

  • Consider choosing bigger tiles. Not only they are easier to install, you don’t have to spend lots of money for the work. With bigger tiles, you don’t need to buy as many tiles as the smaller ones, so it is more economical. Moreover, bigger tiles mean only fewer gaps between each of them, so you can use less grout.
  • You can choose big glossy tiles that require less grout. The less grout you use, the glossier the tiles will be. If you choose tiles that aren’t so glossy, space them tightly. It will make the overall look proportional and ideal.
  • You can choose the tiles with similar hues or shades as the wall paint, or choose the opposite shades. It will create more dramatic look.
  • Choose darker grout. Not only it can create great spacing effect between tiles, the darker grout is easier to clean.
  • If you don’t feel like tiling the whole wall, you can tile it up to your eye level. This can create nice variation to your bathroom wall tile ideas style and decor.