Bathroom Color Schemes Different Types

You may think that the bathroom color schemes are limited and come in one type of color arrangement only, but in reality. There are different kinds of color schemes for the bathroom and they are all can bring new life and atmosphere into your bathroom. What kind of schemes are they and how they can help you improve your home decor?

Here are some different options for the bathroom color schemes:

  • The complementary one. It means that you will be using opposite colors that are usually available on the color wheel. When you use this scheme, be sure to use more colors with lighter shade. For instance, you can use pale yellow for the wall color with purple accessories. This is particularly crucial if you have small and cramped bathroom.
  • The analogous one. It means that you will be utilizing colors that are next to every other in the color wheel. This scheme is often considered as the best alternative because these colors are guaranteed to match perfectly. Not only they are pleasant to the eye, they are usually great when paired up together. For example, you use yellow green for the wall with green or yellow accessories.
  • The triadic one. You will be using three colors, with one as the lightest and most predominant color. In choosing the color, you can use the color wheel. Choose one basic color, and then count two spaces on each side to opt for the second and third color.