An H 1B can not only be hired instead of an American

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canada goose outlet No canada goose outlet, he didn’t beat me, but he belittled me every chance he got. When we were at his family’s house for a holiday meal he made an extremely rude comment about my cooking. In front of his whole family. You obviously don’t work in IT, never heard of Infosys and the fine they had to pay, never heard of Sarvesh Dharayan and the DoJ charges filed, and never read “Coalition of Competitors” by Kiran Karnic (it’s on Amazon) or you would know better than to champion the incredibly corrupt and needless guest worker visa programs. There are at least a dozen ways that business can game the system to pay H 1Bs less (more than making up for any of the fees incurred in bringing them in) and all the protections you claim for American workers simply don’t exist. An H 1B can not only be hired instead of an American, and paid less, they can be used to replace a competent, incumbent American worker. canada goose outlet

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