Advantages and Disadvantages of Granite Kitchen Countertops

When you are planning to design or redesign your kitchen, then you will encounter a variety of options for countertops, it can be creating from various kinds of materials and the price also differs from materials used such granite kitchen countertops. Durability and ease of use of the material often increases with increasing material prices but not always so, there are some materials that are not durable or user-friendly especially stylish. The edge of this should hang slightly sticking out to protect the table underneath the cabinet and also to make it easier to take things on the back table, these height depends on the type of material used.

Granite kitchen countertops is one type which most popular and one of the most high price, in addition to elegant, this is a natural rock that has exceptional strength and durability. Excess granite is heat resistant and scratch resistant also if it is well polished, this also offers resistance from stains, as well as easy to clean. But nothing is perfect including granite, this materials also have drawbacks and is a porous rock types that must be polished on a regular basis, some of which must be polished every year but some are already well polished from the start and granite like this can last up to 10-15 years.

Granite kitchen countertops offer a unique in pattern and texture will not be the same as other that has the same color, installation process should be done by professionals, this is suitable for high-quality and expensive cabinet and it will add a luxurious atmosphere to the kitchen.