“If she’d been a man, no provider would have even considered

More and more each day, Christians are told to sit down and be quiet about Jesus. Just the mere mention of the name of our Lord and Savior brings anger to some. More and more college professors and even high school teachers feel justified in spouting hatred of Christians, our beliefs and our Lord. payday […]

Your body interprets lack of sleep as stress

how to plan healthy meals cash advance online You’ve met the person who you think is “the one,” and you’re truly, madly, deeply in love. But how do you really know if marriage is the next step? Jill Andres and Brook Silva were asking themselves that very question after dating for several years (with one […]

Austin toppled the Scorpions in a topsy turvy 5 4 outing on

San Francisco Chronicle critic Michael Bauer gives Gioia’s pies a thumbs up1. Addie’s Pizza Pie: Think New York style crust with Cali centric toppings. Owned by Jennifer Millar, who runs Sweet Adeline Bakeshop, and Thomas Schnetz ofDoa Toms,Flora and Tacubaya. wholesale jerseys “Any time you’re recognized in a positive light, it’s something you take great […]